Small Space Landscape Design

Outdoor Space

All homes are not created equal when it comes to property size. Many sought after North Jersey neighborhoods provide limited outdoor space for residents.

But, having a small landscape doesn’t mean settling for less. Here’s how to turn your small space into a functional landscape with all the right amenities.

How to Start Your Small Space Design

Small space landscape design begins with measuring and measuring again. In this type of design, every square inch of outdoor real estate is precious.

Landscaping Small Space

Let your creativity flow and your personal style come out in the space. A professional can help you make the most of your outdoor area and add in custom elements to make it stand out.

Think about the following during the initial phase of the design process:

Analyze & Plan

What are the top features you want in a landscape design? A patio area for entertaining? A spa for relaxing? A fire pit to extend the seasons? There are a variety of features to add to your landscape.

Determine which ones are most important to you before beginning your plan for your small outdoor space. Analyzing what you want and how you will use your space is the best way to formulate your design plan.

Think Big About Your Small Space

Landscape Design for Small Sapce

Planning a small outdoor space means thinking in every direction. Think vertically. Think in layers. Think about how your unique style can shine through.

You may only have a few yards to work with, but the possibilities can lead to a unique design.

Imagine an intimate garden patio with comfy, custom seating and a water feature. Or picture a stone pathway surrounded with softscaping that leads to a pond.

Once you begin working with a landscape designer, you’ll see there are plenty of ways to personalize and beautify your space no matter the size.

Hardscapes and Softscapes

Once you have designed a layout that will work for your lifestyle, begin selecting hardscape and softscape materials that will bring your space to life.

The best hardscaping materials for a small space will be lighter in color with fewer patterns. Using dark materials with lots of patterns will only make your space feel cluttered.

Creative Patio Design

For patios or entertainment areas, draw out your line of sight with pavers or hardscaping elements that elongate. Stay away from cobblestone or brick which are dark in color and create visual breaks when laid.

Plants are a great way to add vibrancy and color. Choose varieties of plants that will bloom at different times throughout the year. This will provide visual interest going throughout the growing season.

Think about the size of the plants you choose in proportion to the space you are placing them. Ornamental trees can be a great focal point in a small landscape. Aromatic plants can offer fresh or relaxing scents to your outdoor living space.

Maximizing Your Landscape’s Potential

Your small space can be transformed into a functional outdoor living area. If you make a design plan and remember to think outside-the-box, you can maximize your landscape’s potential to extend your home outdoors and increase your property value.

An Outdoor Living Space

Small Space Landscape Design

Extend your livable space outdoors. Less square footage doesn’t mean giving up on an outdoor entertainment area. Make the landscape your own for relaxing, cooking, and hosting friends.
Develop your space with a deck or patio. Include the specific elements of an outdoor kitchen that you need most. A custom-built grill, refrigerator, or sink are accommodating places to start.

Your outdoor living space can be designed for just you or it can welcome guests to your backyard. Either way, property size does not rule when it comes to enjoying your landscape.

Designs That Multitask

If your dreamscape includes plans for entertainment and more, fill your space with elements that multitask.

Use customized bench seating with connected planters that can store items. Install fencing for privacy that can double as a green wall full of plant life.

Build a pergola to divide your space into functional areas and provide shade from the sun.

However you choose to go about it, it’s very possible to transform your small yard into a multipurpose landscape.

Opt for a Fun Outdoor Space

Outdoor Space

Conceptualizing your design is important but adding some flair will make it yours. Incorporate elements that will ensure you have fun in the space you have.

If you plan to on having guests, design an outdoor bar with a countertop and stools to entertain. You can also create a fire pit to roast marshmallows and make family memories.

If your focus is on relaxing, install a spa or heated outdoor shower. You can even upgrade your Netflix time with an outdoor audio and visual entertainment system.

So what if your landscape is on the smaller side? Make the most of what you have. It’s the functionality and amenities that will maximize your landscape and lifestyle.

If you would like more information about landscape design and installation, please contact us. Our team is ready to assist you with all your landscape renovation and maintenance needs.