Why Patio Pavers are the Way to Go

When creating the perfect landscape design for your home, what do you appreciate most in a design? Beauty? Sustainability? Customization? Durability? Well good news, patio pavers offer all these benefits and more. With pavers, you can create beautiful mosaics, a unique entertaining area, and easy-to-maintain hardscaping. No matter what the end design is, pavers are an amazing component to your outdoor living space. 

Patio Pavers Have a Low Maintenance Cost

Sweeping a Paver Patio

Patio pavers are a great option if you are looking for a low maintenance material. Just sweep it regularly and keep it free of debris. Because they are so easy to clean, they don’t typically require any chemicals or scrubbing. A light power wash when the pavers are looking dull is all it takes to liven up their appearance. If you want extra protection, they can be water sealed as well.

Are you routinely maintaining your pavers but still seeing damage? There’s an easy fix for that. Because each paver is a separate piece to your landscape, you can easily replace one or more pavers for minimal cost without redoing your entire living space.

This option isn’t possible for materials like concrete that require a full overhaul. Even if a large section of your patio gets damaged, replacement of pavers is often still cheaper and quicker compared to other materials. 

More Entertaining Space

Patio Pavers in Circular Design

Opting to use patio pavers rather than a grassy landscape offers you more livable space. Pavers help ease minor uneven areas that might be uninhabitable otherwise. A well-built patio using pavers provides you with extra room for a grill, furniture and entertaining, or even a few potted plants. They can really increase your square footage, as well as your home’s value.

Pavers are Durable

Patio pavers not only add aesthetic, they are also very durable. They’re strong, abrasion-resistant, and flexible.  They can take a lot of hits without cracking. And paver strength doesn’t stop at human damage, they are also weather resistant.

Snow, ice, rain, and even small earthquakes won’t damage your patio. Even if the ground underneath your patio shifts, pavers can shift with it. This maintains your living spaces integrity with no cracks or damage. 

Artful Aesthetics

Paver Patio in Beautiful Design

Using patio pavers gives you more options when designing your hardscape. They give you an endless amount of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Every homeowner loves to have unlimited creativity in their design.

Your patio can be a unique work of art. With pavers, you can design any shape patio you desire. Your patio can be the star of your landscape, literally.

Sustainable Living Space

Paver Installation

As you learned above, there is no shortage of paver variation. You can even choose permeable pavers that are better for the environment. The beauty of permeable pavers is how they reduce your environmental footprint.

By filtering runoff from the rain, they reduce contaminants in ground water reserves. This creates a healthier, more lively landscape in the long run. 

Other Patio Materials

New Concrete Walkway

There are other options when it comes to landscaping your outdoor space. There are other types of stone and hardscaping materials to choose from for your patio, such as:

  • Concrete
  • Natural Stone
  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Laminate
  • Gravel 

All these options can create a beautiful landscape. However, they are not as customizable or easy to maintain. 

Ready to create the outdoor patio you have been longing for? Contact the Landscape Solutions team today. We have experts dedicated to your landscape from concept to installation.

Whether you want the perfect paver patio or a cool concrete living area, we can take your ideas and create your dreamscape.