A back yard in the winter with snow and frost

Winter Planning for Spring Landscaping Projects

Don’t let the winter just slip by. Use this time productively and wisely for winter planning for spring landscaping projects. Time flies. If you feel like the summer was just here, you’re not alone. And before we all know it, spring flowers will be in bloom. Before you know it,

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Tiered retaining walls with flowers and shrubs planted on each level

How To Solve Common Landscaping Problems

Does a landscape problem limit your outdoor plans and dreams? Is that slope in the backyard limiting your usable space? Does water pooling in your yard make it a soggy, unusable mess? Here’s how to solve common landscaping problems with your property. Rocky Terrain Does your landscape have an area

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A Tudor style home with attractive landscaping

Landscape Design Ideas – Important Things to Consider

When it comes to landscape design ideas, there are many important things to consider. Creating a landscape design has a lot in common with decorating your home. You wouldn’t want to fill a Victorian home with all modern furniture. It just wouldn’t feel right. There are certain design principles you

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A fall scene of a house and its trees and garden

Fall Lawn Fertilization Tips

Now that fall is here, homeowners are spending more time indoors watching football games than outdoors sitting poolside. Thoughts turn toward upcoming Thanksgiving feasts and away from lawn care. But late fall is a critical time to prepare your lawn for winter. You’ll want to follow these fall lawn fertilization

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A New Jersey lawn damaged by summer heat and drought

September is Lawn Renovation Time in NJ

If you live in New Jersey, your lawn is probably looking pretty tired by now. Our dry, hot summer was difficult on our lawns, and by now they’re showing serious signs of water and heat stress. If you want your lawn to look healthy and lush next spring, now is

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Potted young tree, shovel, and watering can on expansive lawn

Is Fall a Good Time to Plant Shrubs and Trees?

Are you thinking about adding new shrubs and trees to your property? If so, you’re probably wondering—is fall a good time to plant shrubs and trees? Soon the summer will be ending. It was fun getting out and enjoying our beautifully landscaped yards. But during your time outdoors, did you

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A New Jersey landscape with ornamental grasses and evergreens

Ornamental Grasses – and How to Use Them

Ornamental grasses refer to plants that have a grass-like appearance as well as true grasses. You probably know them when you see them but didn’t know what they were called. Today you can find ornamental grasses everywhere from beautiful private gardens to corporate office buildings. If you want to add

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An expansive lush sod backyard lawn

Sod vs. Seed – Which is Better?

Do you remember when you first bought your new home? You had a lot of decisions to make. Should you buy a larger house on a busier road or a smaller house on a less travelled one? There wasn’t a right or wrong answer. It was all about knowing the

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Multicolor patio pavers match perfectly with a stone seat wall with bluestone cap

Patio Paver Design Ideas for Your Landscape

Many people love the look of patio pavers. Not only do they add richness, character, and interest to your hardscaping, but many are eco-friendly. If you’re thinking about creating or upgrading an outdoor living space, you’ll want to consider these patio paver design ideas for your landscape. What are Patio

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