Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting for Ambiance and Security

Landscape Lighting showcases your property at night providing safety and security. It provides an artistic and dramatic vision of your home and gardens at when the sun goes down. The right lighting can really make the best of what you have by highlighting the best features of your property.  We’ve been providing landscape lighting design and installation in Union County NJ, along with Essex and Somerset counties and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years.

Gorgeous Home with Landscape Lighting

Illuminate Your Home or Business

Illuminate trees, pathways, entryways and your house number with landscape lighting. Many people choose to illuminate the entire exterior of their home.

The effect is dramatic and makes your home a stunning showpiece at night. The right outdoor lighting can provide the best in curb appeal.

Lighting the entire exterior of a building offers increased security. It ensures that all entry points are completely lit and visible for security cameras and officers.

Garden Pathway Lighting

Pathway Lighting

Welcome guests or clients and guide visitors along walkways and paths to your door. Light their way to find the way to a backyard patio.

Pathway lighting can be decorative and enhance the beauty of your property and landscaping. Techniques such as low-level path lights, moon lighting, or lighting beacons are very effective.

A gentle glow downward provides direction without distracting glare. Adding some ambient lighting within a garden bed will provide depth.

Example of Perimeter Lighting

Outdoor Perimeter Lighting

We can illuminate the perimeter of your home or business property to provide security along fence lines and walls.

This type of outdoor lighting is excellent for enhancing and featuring a tree or shrub row along a property’s border. It can be very beautiful and defining.

Perimeter lighting addresses security issues and helps protect your home or business assets. Glare-free, high quality targeted light is excellent for security cameras.

Example of Entryway Lighting

Highlight Entryways

Whether you are concerned about safety and security, welcoming guests or customers, guiding deliveries, or want to highlight a beautiful entryway, we have the solutions to fit your needs and budget.

It’s important to highlight the entrance to your home or business making both guests and customers safer and more comfortable.

You can see who is approaching your entrance as well from the interior of the building, especially if the entire area is lit.

Contact Landscape Solutions Today

Arrange for a landscape consultant to meet with you to install landscape lighting to illuminate your home or property.

Landscaping Lighting Techniques

  • Up Lighting highlights a tree or other feature, to provide a dramatic effect, especially with flowering or specimen plant material.
  • Moon Lighting provides soft natural lighting over large areas, serves as an ideal transition connecting different lighting scenes together, and eliminates black holes from the project.
  • Cross Lighting defines surface texture instead of a flattening effect when using a single front light.
  • Mirror Lighting takes advantage of the reflective surface of water features and creates dramatic scenes.
  • Niche Lighting illuminates areas such as decks, entranceways, and gazebos where the fixture must be attached to a structure.
  • Step Lighting illuminates steps.
  • Path/ Area Lighting lights planting beds and paths and provides a seamless transition between lighting scenes.
  • Grazing provides a steeply angled light to accentuate texture on walls and tree trunks by utilizing the irregular surface to create broken shadows and irregular patterns.
  • Silhouetting provides a lit surface which acts as a backdrop for unlit plant material or other features.
  • Wall Washing provides an even illumination on walls.
  • Backlighting provides illumination around the edges of an object, thereby emphasizing its shape.
  • Shadowing creates interesting shadows on walls.

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