Multicolor patio pavers match perfectly with a stone seat wall with bluestone cap

Patio Paver Design Ideas for Your Landscape

Many people love the look of patio pavers. Not only do they add richness, character, and interest to your hardscaping, but many are eco-friendly. If you’re thinking about creating or upgrading an outdoor living space, you’ll want to consider these patio paver design ideas for your landscape. What are Patio

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Landscaper doing spring cleanup and spreading new mulch in planting bed

Spring Cleanup Guide for Your Landscape

Sunday, March 2, 2022 was the vernal equinox. Spring has finally arrived! Just about everyone in the northeast loves the spring, with its promise of warmer weather and emerging flowers and foliage. For homeowners and businesses alike, the arrival of spring also means it’s time to spruce up your property.

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Landscaping company crew member digging a hole for new plantings

Checklist for Hiring a Commercial Landscape Maintenance Company

You’ve decided to hire a commercial landscape maintenance company. Perhaps you hired a residential landscaping company, but it’s become obvious they don’t have the knowledge, manpower, or equipment to do the work your business property needs. Get the facts before you hire. Here’s a helpful checklist for hiring a commercial

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A multi-level patio with cooking, dining, and entertaining areas

Multi-Level Patios – Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Multi-Level Patios Outdoor living areas are becoming especially important for homeowners as more people choose to entertain at home. One way to add character to an outdoor living space is by adding a multi-level patio to your home. Multi-level patios are not only esthetically pleasing —they are also functional. Today,

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Large backyard patio with a bar area and large table

Planning Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Start Planning Early and Plan Wisely Sometimes spring may seem very far away. But if you’re thinking about relaxing in the summer in your new outdoor space, start planning early! Planning early not only means that your new space will be ready earlier the next year; it also means that

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Trees in autumn with a few dying leaves against a blue sky

What Landscaping Can Be Done in November?

Brrr! The Weather’s Been Cold Here in Northern New Jersey As reported on, we’ve already experienced our first freeze. This means our local growing season has ended for the year. It’s too late to plant trees, shrubs, perennials, and bulbs. But there’s still plenty of landscaping to do in

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Best Privacy Trees for New Jersey Landscapes

Trees are the single most elegant way to create privacy and beauty in your yard at the same time. You can secure your backyard as an arboreal escape and even give the road something nice to look at – that isn’t your house. But first, you need to know your

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guide-to-sod, front yard with fresh sod and plants

Guide to New Sod: Types of Sod and Tips

We’ve put together information about common types of sod, ideal times to plant, and the best areas to install it. Use this blog as a reference for how sod can complete the look of your landscape. Green grass is synonymous with good landscaping and summer. Achieving the perfect lawn can

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