Increase Your Property Value with Landscape Renovation

House with Landscape Curb Appeal

Can a well-developed landscape boost the property value of your home? In a word – yes! Quality landscape renovation adds thousands of dollars to the appraisal of a home.

Landscape improvements are a great way to invest in your property and see a big return. In fact, well-landscaped homes have a considerable advantage over those without.

Many homeowners have realized a significant increase in their property value after landscape construction and design are complete.

If you would like to add value with landscaping, consider these areas as an opportunity for enhancement:

Front Yard Landscaping – First Impressions Matter 

The initial impact of landscaping in real estate is referred to as “curb appeal”. Essentially, curb appeal is what can be seen within the first 15 seconds of standing in front of a home.

High-quality curb appeal goes a long way towards increasing the value of your property. And so, it should.

Well-maintained grounds show care, upkeep, and attention to detail. This contributes to an assumption about the maintenance of the rest of your home.

Backyard Oasis – Outdoor Living Space 

Add value to your property by increasing the amount of its useable space. Extend your home outside with an outdoor living area to relax and entertain.

Your backyard oasis can be an expansive renovation or include just a few key elements. Whichever route you go, knowing what buyers like can help you customize your design.

Here are some of the top outdoor living space design trends:

• Hardscaping for walkways, steps, and patios
Outdoor kitchens that include grills, cooktops, and refrigerators
• Outdoor bars and seating areas to entertain
• Fire pits and fireplaces to enjoy your landscape any season
• Water features for noise suppression and relaxation

Lawn Renovation 

Improper maintenance and the elements can leave a lawn looking patchy and dull. This ends up making the rest of the property look shabby.

A lawn renovation can revitalize your property and bring back the beauty of a lush landscape. But don’t get started without trying to determine the problem first. A landscape professional can help diagnose your grass’s underlying issues.

The goal is to make sure your lawn returns to full health again. Aeration and seeding may do the trick for many lawns. Although there are times when starting all over again or laying sod is a must.

A lawn renovation will improve irrigation and runoff, remove old plant material, and give your lawn a reason to thrive again. The results will provide an inviting feel to your home.

Landscape Design that Makes an Impact 

A key factor in adding value to your landscape is a well laid-out and manicured approach. If your design doesn’t provide flow and function, then its positive effects will be lost.

Create walkways that help get to various points of egress and outdoor living spaces. Don’t waste time on hardscaping that leads nowhere.

Incorporate plants and trees that complement the design aesthetic of your home. Add seasonal interest with bright colors and keep it looking good through winter with evergreens.

Keep your lawn trimmed and your trees and shrubs pruned. Having a landscape that is neat and tidy is a major selling point.

It’s a vote of confidence that you have cared about and maintained your property and home.

Use landscape lighting to accentuate the beauty of your home at any time of day. Outdoor lighting also offers the benefit of safety and security.

A well-organized approach and overall balance tend to take top score in buyer appeal.

Landscaping Works on Any Budget 

The cost of landscape design varies greatly based on what you choose to include. A general rule of thumb is to spend about ten percent of your property’s value.

However, if you’re operating on a tight budget, focus on a well maintained and healthy lawn. Add curb appeal with strategic plantings or you can use native NJ plants to create vibrant landscape experience.

You don’t need 500 bulbs; three or four spaced out flowering plants can cover a sizable area.

A landscape designer can help you implement a landscape renovation plan that will work best for you on the budget you have.

If you are looking for ways to increase your property value, our team of landscape professionals can help. Contact us for more information about maximizing your home’s potential with a custom landscape design.