Deer Feeding on Residential Property

How to Discourage Deer with Flowering Plants and Greenery

While nature typically keeps the animal population in check, land development has disrupted the natural order and balance. The deer population has become a nuisance in many communities, feeding on plants, destroying trees and digging up lawns. It’s possible that your plants and trees are attracting them to your yard.

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Top Landscape Design Trends This Season

The past few years have shown an increase in landscaping designs that create unique outdoor living areas.  We’ve seen yards transformed into inviting, fun, and usable spaces. Beautiful and functional, today’s landscape designs aim to provide year-round use for years to come. Here is a list of the top landscape design

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Row of Arborbitae and Privacy Fence

Add Privacy to Your Landscape Design

Whether your property is big or small, add privacy to your landscape design by including elements that add to the beauty of your space rather than focusing on establishing a stark barrier. For some homeowners, building a fence is a good privacy option. For many, a fence is completely undesirable

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Sprinkler System Running

How to De-Winterize Your Irrigation System This Spring

With spring finally here, and the threat of freezing temperatures no longer bearing down, it’s time to de-winterize your irrigation system and begin to water again. To help you get your landscape flourishing, we have put together a simple checklist about how to de-winterize your irrigation system this spring. Even

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Commercial Property Landscape Design

The Benefits of Landscape Displays for your Commercial Property

Maintaining beautiful landscape displays and designs for your business or your HOA property is not only an excellent opportunity to beautify the neighborhood and delight and excite current tenants.  It’s also an ideal way to attract the interest of future customers and residents. The hottest landscaping trends for commercial properties

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