Seeding the grass

The Benefits of Overseeding: Why Your Lawn Needs It

Overseeding is an essential maintenance practice meant to produce a beautifully lush lawn. It’s a common lawn-care task to complete when your lawn turns thin, brown, and patchy. It typically entails spreading grass seed onto your current lawn to fill the gaps and bare spots in the sod.

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Benefits of Mulch

The Benefits of Mulch: Organic vs Inorganic

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about landscaping is not typically mulch. But mulch can often be the difference between a landscape that thrives and a landscape that struggles and then dies. There are many benefits of mulch.

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Why Patio Pavers are the Way to Go

With pavers, you can create beautiful mosaics, a unique entertaining area, and easy-to-maintain hardscaping. No matter what the end design is, pavers are an amazing component to your outdoor living space.

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Boxwood Hedge

Beautiful Boxwood Alternatives

There are many boxwood alternatives to utilize on your property when it comes to hedges and planted focal points. These other options offer a green flare, grow more quickly, and are more disease resistant.

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Combination of Hardscape and Softscape Elements - landscape design company

The Difference Between Hardscaping and Softscaping

Hardscaping is the is the non-living landscape elements made of stone, bricks, concrete, or metal. Softscaping is the living elements like soil, trees, flowers, grass, and shrubs. A well-balanced landscape design will include an attractive combination of both hardscaping and softscaping elements.

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The Benefits of Landscape Lighting for Your Home

Have you ever considered landscape lighting for your property? There are multiple aesthetic and practical reasons to illuminate your property. Outdoor lighting will light your way at night, shine a light on one of your biggest assets, and keep your property safe. Here is a look at the benefits of landscape lighting

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Landscape Drainage Problems and Solutions

Creating the perfect landscape takes time and dedication. That’s why once you’ve found the right look for you, it’s important to be able to sustain lasting beauty. Landscape drainage problems can negatively affect the look, maintenance, and enjoyment of your property. Problems with Improper Drainage Depending on the subtleties of

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Removing a Branch from aTree

The Importance of Fall Pruning and Trimming

It’s that time of year again, where you may be looking at your landscaping with a little apprehension about how to prepare it for the coming months. It’s important to remember that expending a little effort on fall pruning and trimming now will pay dividends for the long-term health and

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Pretty Green Lawn

12 Tips – Water Your Lawn More Efficiently

While water supplies in the area are adequate at the moment, drought conditions existed in the recent past, and the threat of water shortage is always near. Implementing these Twelve Tips for Making Your Lawn More Water Efficient will conserves resource, waste less water, and save you money. The Delaware River Basin

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