Multi-Level Patios – Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

A multi-level patio with cooking, dining, and entertaining areas

Multi-Level Patios

Outdoor living areas are becoming especially important for homeowners as more people choose to entertain at home. One way to add character to an outdoor living space is by adding a multi-level patio to your home.

Multi-level patios are not only esthetically pleasing —they are also functional.

Today, we design many outdoor spaces as extensions of a home. Stepping to a different tier on a patio feels like stepping into another room.

Increased Functionality

Most people enjoy using a separate dining area when they entertain dinner guests in their home. This makes the dinner feel like a special and festive event. It differs from the experience you have when you serve coffee and cake around the kitchen table to friends.

Sure, you want your guest to feel at home. But you also want them to know you are doing something special for them. A similar feeling is just one benefit of a two-tiered patio with a separate dining area.

Friends and family may want to congregate in the cooking area when the meal is being prepared. And accommodations can be made for that with extra seating or an informal bar. But when the meal is served, it’s fun to move to a different patio tier.

Outdoor grill with countertop and bar

Guests will also be more comfortable since they won’t need to dine near a heated stove or barbecue.

This is just one example of how a multi-level patio is more functional than a single level patio. It can make your outdoor living and entertaining more comfortable and festive.

Each Level on a Multi-Level Patio Can Serve a Unique Purpose

Think about what you want in your outdoor living space. A multi-level patio may be the key element in the design. And remember, it’s never too early to plan.

Have you been dreaming about the perfect outdoor kitchen? Here are some ideas to inspire you. When you have a tiered-patio, the new kitchen can be in its own area—keeping young kids away from hot barbecues.

Multi-level patios can have areas for:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Bars with guest seating
  • Outdoor dining or entertainment
  • Play for kids
  • Quiet reading, reflection, or meditation
  • TV viewing
  • A firepit
Stone steps between a two-level patio

Exciting Hardscaping Options for Multi-Level Patios

Consider what you want to include in your hardscaping design. There are so many options available.

Some popular design elements of a multi-level patio include:

  • Stone steps/stairs
  • Decorative patio sitting wall
  • Fireplace or firepit
  • Water feature
  • Lighting
A fire-pit and sitting wall on new paver patio installation

Landscaping With Backyard Pavers

Today there is a wide choice of hardscaping materials that will give your patio installation a custom look. Pavers and hardscaping materials come in different colors, sizes, and textures.

An excellent design by a landscape architect will ensure that your new multi-level patio enhances your home’s character and garden landscaping.

Different patio levels can have similar or complimenting paver designs to create a unique, yet cohesive look.

Think about selecting kitchen tiles, and the difference the tile pattern can make. You can put backsplash tiles in distinct patterns including subway, herringbone, or other tile patterns.

The same is true for patio pavers. You may think all paver designs are alike, but they’re not. They can be as simple or as intricate as you like, creating a specific feel for your outdoor space.


Don’t Forget Drainage Considerations and Permits

Today, there are eco-friendly pavers to help with property drainage requirements. Each municipality has its own restrictions regarding impervious surfaces on a property. It’s important that you know your town’s regulations, or you can receive fines or be told to remove your new patio addition.

Electric, plumbing, and water utilities updates can all require permits.

Be sure to think ahead. Even if you want to put in only one patio level now, have a complete plan so you can incorporate any utility updates before hardscaping begins.

A multi-level patio with entertainment and relaxation areas

Multi-Level Patios Help with Uneven Topography

Many homes are built on level property. This is an advantage if you want to install a swimming pool or tennis court. And many people enjoy looking over flat, expansive land.

If this describes your property, you may want a multi-level patio to add character and interest. An experienced landscape designer can create a multi-level patio installation that will look natural and inviting.

Other homes are on property that slopes upward or downward. Too many homeowners write off this land as unusable—and when left unimproved, many homebuyers will agree.

This is where a multi-level patio plays an important role in your home design—and value.

A multi-level patio expands your usable outdoor space. Imagine taking several steps up to a quiet area for reading or reflection. Or taking several steps down to a cozy firepit or kids’ play area. Multi-level patios can add new dimensions to your outdoor living experience.

Work With the Elevation of Your Home

Multi-level patios can enhance the look of your home, not just in back but from other elevations as well.

Curb appeal is very important to a home. It can be what makes you feel happy when you drive up to your home after time away. It also plays a large role in your home’s selling price.

Perhaps a front patio will enhance your home’s curb appeal. A few attractive chairs or a decorative bench can create an informal area for chatting with neighbors.

How does your house look when you walk into the backyard? Does it look boring and uninviting—like a pass-through space to get inside? Or do your guests hope they will be dining alfresco on your inviting multi-tiered patio?

Imagine all the possibilities for improved outdoor living with a multi-level patio!

Are You Thinking About a Multi-Level Patio?

At Landscape Solutions, we help homeowners realize their dream outdoor living space. We offer services from landscape design through complete landscaping and hardscaping installation.  Your finished patio project will be an inviting and functional area to enjoy life’s most memorable joys.