Spring Landscaping in NJ – The Best Time to Get Started

Landscapers Doing Spring Landscaping

You may not have started thinking about your spring landscaping plan yet. No matter how variable the weather, early spring is the best time to make plans. And spring is the time for color, growth and action!

Here’s Why Early Spring is the Best Time to Get Started:

Working on a Landscape Design Plan on a Desk
Although the first beautiful day after the long, hard winter inspires many to get out in the yard and start planting, the earliest days of spring can quickly turn into a total wash-out. We all know that heavy rain, a last couple of snowy days, and a dramatic drop in temperature are a possibility. We have all been fooled into thinking winter is over before. It’s a good idea to stick with getting your yard and soil ready for planting rather than jumping all the way in. And create a good plan for when warmer days come along.

Make a Plan Early

There is usually more to do than we realize so it’s good to get started early. Think about the amount of sun and water your landscape typically receives so that you can begin to choose plants that will grow well in your yard. Also consider the ‘pests’ in your area, such as deer, and how they will affect your garden planting in the coming months.

If you’re hiring a landscaper, get on their schedule as soon as possible before they get booked up.  If you are doing the work yourself, it’s best to shop as early as possible to be sure you get largest and best choice of materials.

Inspect Your Yard

Pruning Branches

Inspect your yard for broken or damaged branches and prune them accordingly. Remove any debris and make a thorough inspection for erosion or drainage and grading problems.

Get the Soil Tested

Testing the Soil

Beautiful days are also an excellent time to test the soil in your lawn, beds, and garden location if you plan to have a garden this year. Usually, your state’s agricultural extension office or a local landscape or lawn-care professional business can test your soil for you.

Determine the Right Fertilizer

Fertilizing a Lawn

Fertilizer will need to be added depending on what your soil test finds in the areas of nutrition requirements necessary for your soil conditions. The fertilizer you choose should contain the nutrient blend that was missing from your soil test. But, be aware of these caveats. Whether you fertilize grasses in the spring or not is determined by the type of grass to which you are adding nutrients. Since there are cool-season grasses and warm-season grasses, the time to fertilize varies.

Slow-released or control-released fertilizers increase nutrient absorption and reduce the concern for environmental issues. Naturally, there are unwanted outcomes from using too little fertilizer. Professional landscapers are experts on state, local, and federal regulations when applying fertilizers.

Spring is the Right Time to:

  • Fertilize trees and shrubs
  • Control weeds
  • Neaten and tidy planting beds by edging
  • Add new mulch
  • Inspect your irrigation system
  • Introduce colorful flowers into your garden beds for curb appeal
  • Create a focal point in your landscape to enjoy
  • Incorporate custom landscape lighting

Make Some Decisions

Landscaper in Landscape Solutions Company Shirt

Early spring is a good time to decide what you are going to keep in your lawns and gardens or make some aesthetic changes you have been thinking about for years. A professional landscaping company is the way to go to make the most out of your landscape. Their background and education allow them to:

  • Assist you in establishing the right mix of plantings before digging the first shovel of soil
  • Consider watering needs, bloom times, and pruning requirements
  • Introduce plants you may not have used before
  • Ensure the beds will be sufficient for plants when fully grown
  • Ensure you won’t create a water runoff problem onto patio or walkway or house
  • Change the existing terrain
  • Add new construction
  • Offer unique options you may not have considered before

Landscape Solutions is a professional landscape company that has built its business on the foundation of professionalism, quality work, and customer service beyond expectations. We look forward to helping and supporting residential and commercial customers with lawn renovation, property maintenance, and landscape design, utilizing the best materials and plantings on the market. Happy Spring, everyone!