Guide to New Sod: Types of Sod and Tips

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We’ve put together information about common types of sod, ideal times to plant, and the best areas to install it. Use this blog as a reference for how sod can complete the look of your landscape.

Green grass is synonymous with good landscaping and summer. Achieving the perfect lawn can be hard, especially if your yard isn’t healthy enough to grow.

If you’re looking to transform your yard this season, sod may be your golden ticket.

With several different varieties of sod, choosing the ideal type for you and your yard can get tricky.

Common Types of Sod

The northern climate is known for hot summer seasons and cold winters. With these wild temperature changes, finding sod that works can be difficult.

Two of the best options for New Jersey’s changing climate are Kentucky Bluegrass or Fescue grass.

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Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass tolerates cold winters. That’s why this type of sod performs well in northern climates like New Jersey. 

Kentucky bluegrass produces a thick, lush lawn with its unique, emerald, blue-green color.

It’s climate tolerant but also resistant to disease. You won’t have to worry about a hostage takeover from unwanted environmental harm.

Another unique aspect of Kentucky Bluegrass is that it spreads with horizontal rhizomes. This enables the sod to heal itself from any damage.

One downside to this type of sod is its shallow roots. This can make it susceptible to heat damage. Luckily, heat damage can be avoided by watering your lawn more efficiently.

Fescue Grass

Several strains of fescue grass sod are also ideal for northern climates.

Many people chose fescue grass because it remains green all year.

Although, it is sensitive to environmental changes such as drought or too moist conditions.

This type of sod resists wear and tear, recovers from damage easily, and grows well in shady areas.

Proper lawn care is always important to maintain a healthy landscape. Whether you choose to sod or plant grass, don’t forget to overseed your lawn in the spring and late fall.

sod-tranformation, before and after lawn renovation with new sod

Why Choose Sod?

Choosing sod enables you to quickly transform your yard from bare dirt to a beautiful, lush landscape. Your new lawn renovation will immediately burst into life.

But the advantages don’t stop there.

After proper yard preparation, sod is quick and relatively easy to install. Sod will give you a beautiful lawn in a matter of hours and requires minimal maintenance to keep it healthy.

A common misconception about sod is the installation timing. You can install sod any time that the ground is not frozen.

Sod requires less water than starting a lawn from seed. You also won’t have to use as much water to keep it healthy, unlike seeds which require constant watering.

Unlike a seeded lawn which may take as long as two years to be usable, sod is ready for use in a few short weeks.

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The Best Areas for Sod

Both Kentucky bluegrass and fescue grasses are suitable for any area in your yard. Both types of sod grow well in shady areas and full sun.

Kentucky bluegrass is known for its durability and its ability to recover from heavy use. For this reason, this sod type is a favorite for football, baseball, and soccer fields.

Fescue sod is also very durable and hardy due to its deep root system.

Both of fescue and Kentucky bluegrass sod types are good for heavy traffic areas and near swimming pools.

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Professional Sod Installation

Installing sod is the fastest way to get a thick, luscious lawn that looks like the cover of a magazine. It can quickly help your lawn reach its potential.

While the installation process is simple, the preparation requires time, tools and manpower.

Depending on your soil condition, it may need extensive prep work before installation.

At Landscape Solutions, we are experts in every aspect of lawn renovation. Our team of professionals can quickly and properly install your sod so you can enjoy your beautiful yard in no time.

Our services also include preparing your yard and soil for optimal growth. To learn more about our sod installation and other services, please contact us today.