Best Privacy Trees for New Jersey Landscapes


Trees are the single most elegant way to create privacy and beauty in your yard at the same time.

You can secure your backyard as an arboreal escape and even give the road something nice to look at – that isn’t your house.

But first, you need to know your options. It’s important to pick privacy trees or shrubs that can survive the northeastern climate for optimal growth.

The Best Trees for Privacy in New Jersey


Evergreen Privacy Trees

Eastern White Pine

A popular fir tree for holiday celebrations, this fluffy evergreen is a standard bristly cone when allowed to grow as a privacy tree.

Height: 150 – 210 ft
Growth rate: 2-3 ft per year

Leyland Cypress

The Leland cypress is an evergreen that forms a tall teardrop shape when grown in line. It fluffs pine needles from the ground up to provide excellent property line privacy.

Height: 60 – 70 ft
Growth rate: 4 ft per year

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce becomes a tall privacy tree after growing a few years. Its classic layered pine tree look gives a sharp elegant appearance to your property.

It is the fast-growing evergreen tree and will provide privacy on your property quickly.

Height: 115 – 180 ft
Growth rate: 3 ft per year

Privacy and Shade Trees

Willow Tree

The weeping willow has always been an excellent privacy tree and shade tree for most properties. The draping boughs of a willow will obscure any views or onlookers. It’s also delightful to relax inside the arboreal room created by the leaves.

Height: 30 – 80 ft tall with a 20 to 35 ft spread of branches
Growth rate: 10 ft per year


Hornbeams are classic shade trees with about 5 feet of trunk and a vibrant fluff of leaves above. Hornbeams are great for providing shade up close and privacy at a distance.

Height: 30 ft
Growth rate: 1 – 2 ft per year


New Jersey Privacy Shrubs

There are lots of alternatives to planting boring boxwoods shrubs. Some options are even deer resistant and less likely to succumb to disease.

Evergreen Privacy Shrubs


Arborvitae is a classic evergreen shrub that is often carved into topiary or simple upright cones. They are dense and green all year, making great property line privacy shrubs.


Euonymus bushes grow naturally as spheres but can be cultivated into tall, vertical shrubs. They have vivid green and yellow leaves that bloom into flowers.

This shrub has also been known as spindle tree, burning bush, strawberry bush, wahoo, and wintercreeper.

Skip Laurel

Skip laurel makes a beautiful fluffy shrub wall with shiny green leaves ranging from bright to deep green. Skip laurel grows extremely fast so it’s great for a quick natural privacy fence.

Flowering and Deciduous Privacy Shrubs

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bushes grow vivid purple and red coneflowers that extend decoratively from its greenery. These bushes can grow over six feet if nurtured and make fluffy, decorative flowering privacy hedges.

They also attract wildlife, such as butterflies, to your landscape to feed on their sweet nectar.


Dogwoods are fast-growing woody shrubs with a vivid flowering cycle. Dogwood’s leaves turn red and then flower in beautiful white blossoms making for a colorful seasonal shrub.


Viburnum shrubs are related to honeysuckle. They grow in flowering layers, like terraces of shrubbery.

These shrubs like to spread out but can be coaxed to grow straight up in a pillar of flowering tiers. Viburnum blossoms in bright white bouquets.


The Best Vines for Privacy in New Jersey


Wisteria is a sturdy climbing vine that blossoms in long, draping lilac-colored flowers. The fluffy foliage and draping flowers of the wisteria make it an excellent plant for a natural climbing privacy wall.

Start with lattice and wisteria sprouts and this flowering vine will cultivate the rest.

Trumpet Vine

Trumpet vines have teardrop-shaped leaves that form a fluffy privacy barrier along any lattice or fence. They can easily turn into a solid wall of leaves that blossom in vivid trumpet flowers.

If you are looking for more ways to create privacy in your landscape, visit our blog about adding privacy to your landscape design.

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